first choice already-set jelly

South Africa’s first already-set, Jelly in a Box is available in seven delicious flavours, giving the kids a great-tasting sweet treat, without all the fuss for moms.

FIRST CHOICE® helps moms with timesaving ways to keep the family happy through the product range that not only includes already-set Jelly, but versatile dairy dessert – Velvet – as well as creamy Custard.

Kids love Jelly. The wobble gives them endless giggles and the sweet flavour makes it one of the best treats. Even though FIRST CHOICE® Jelly in a Box is already set and ready to eat, it can be decanted and melted. The kids can add fruit pieces to the melted Jelly and have a fun and engaging kitchen experience with their moms and dads, creating interesting Jelly moulds. Lego is one such example – rinse the lego blocks out with cold water and pour the melted (cooled) Jelly in and set in the fridge.

In a world where fast food is the order of the day, this type of activity could be the perfect opportunity for kids to learn about healthy eating through adding fruit to the Jelly. With seven lip-smacking flavours, one could pair each flavour with a fruit. Apple, strawberry, lemon, blueberry, orange, pineapple and grape – even the pickiest of eaters will find their favourite.

FIRST CHOICE® already-set Jelly is available at all leading retailers in 500g cartons, and the product is long-life meaning you won’t ever have to worry about having something sweet in the pantry again. Add FIRST CHOICE® Custard to the mix and you have a winning combination.



Glycaemic Carbohydrate

of which total sugar

of which sucrose

Total Fat

of which saturated fat

of which trans-fat

of which mono unsaturated fat

of which polyunsaturated fat


Dietary Fibre

Total Sodium

*Information for ready to eat product #AOAC 991.43


0.3 g

12.2 g

12.2 g

10.8 g

0.0 g

0.0 g

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