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Dairy Products

Our delicious milk and  dairy products are farm fresh and filled with natural goodness that is mainly sourced from pasture-fed cows.

Long Life Milk

When it comes to milk, health comes first. Our milk is commercially sterile, meaning it is free from pathogens and micro-organisms. It is our guarantee that your First Choice milk is always safe, and tastes great.

First Choice milk products are available in full cream, low fat and skim milk variants. All variants come in a 1 litre and a 1.5 litre pack with a screw cap for easy opening, pouring and closing. First Choice full cream milk is also available in a 500 ml tear top pack. All variants are sold in an outer carton for bulk buying convenience.

Fresh Milk

First Choice fresh milk uses a specialised high temperature pasteurization process to reduce the microbial count far beyond normal pasteurization methods without any chemical treatment or any loss of that great fresh milk taste. Packed under extreme hygienic conditions, the shelf life of refrigerated First Choice fresh milk products becomes radically extended to 21 days unopened from date of packing.

First Choice fresh milk is available in full cream and low fat variants, both of which come in 2 litre packs with screw top caps for easy opening, pouring, and closing.

Preservative free First Choice real dairy cream boxed


First Choice real dairy cream is ideal for baking, pouring, and spooning. It has no preservatives and can be stored safely for months (once opened it should be refrigerated and used within 4 days).

First Choice UHT real dairy cream is available in a 1 litre, 500 ml and 250 ml pack. All variants are sold in an outer carton for bulk buying convenience.

First Choice Instant Powder Milk

Instant Milk Powder

You can trust First Choice Instant Milk Powder, which is made from fresh cow’s milk that has been pasteurised and then undergoes the spray drying process.  First Choice Instant Milk Powder is delicious, nutritious and convenient.  First Choice Instant Milk Powder has a creamy, delicious, milky taste.  That’s because it is made with 100% cow’s milk.  This means that it is naturally high in calcium, and is extra fortified with Vitamins A and D. It dissolves directly into water in the home and easily reconstitutes to produce a fresh, delicious tasting, nutritious glass of milk.  You will never run out of milk again!

First Choice Amasi cultured milk


Amasi (so called in Zulu and Xhosa, and “maas” in Afrikaans) is the common word for fermented milk. First Choice amasi is a cultured product made from full cream milk which is produced by adding a freeze-dried culture to the milk and then fermenting it until it reaches a specific acidity level. First Choice amasi has a smooth texture and a slightly sour taste and is filled with all the traditional goodness of South African culture.

First Choice amasi is available to consumers in user friendly 1 litre, 2 litre and 5 litre jugs.

First Choice Butter


First Choice butter is not only delicious but really healthy too. Butter ingredients are essential for a healthy immune system and also assist with the proper absorption and metabolism of cholesterol. First Choice butter is manufactured in the traditional way to guarantee a wholesome taste.

First Choice butter is available in a 250g and 500g parchment wrapped brick (which is also available in 25kg bulk packages) as well as 8g butter portions.

First Choice feta cheese

Speciality Cheese

First Choice Feta is a crumbly aged cheese, it is produced in blocks and has a slightly grainy texture.  It can be used as a table cheese, as well as in salads and pastries.

Our delicious First Choice French Brie and Camembert cheeses are imported from the Limousin farming region in France.

First Choice French Brie has a mild and creamy avour. This matured ready-to-eat gourmet cheese is perfect for cheese boards and complements plates of sweet fruit preserves.

Our First Choice French Camembert has a mild avour with hints of mushroom. This ripened and ready-to-eat cheese develops a more intense taste as it matures. Enjoy First Choice French Camembert with your deli meat and nuts platter.

First Choice Cheese Slices

Sliced Cheese

The convenience of sliced cheese has proven to be a firm favourite in the household, lunchboxes and the restaurant trade.  For this reason, First Choice Full Cream Gouda and Full Cream Cheddar flavoured processed cheeses are a welcoming addition to our growing cheese range.

First Choice Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar Cheese

First Choice® Cheddar is an open textured cheese with a stronger taste. It has a slightly crumbly texture and acquires a sharper taste the longer it matures.

First Choice® Mature Cheddar is a strong yellow cheese with a sharp taste. It has a firm but crumbly texture and is a perfect ingredient for a variety of dishes, or on its own as part of a cheese platter. 

First Choice® Gouda, Cheddar and Mature Cheddar Cheese are stored in vacuum sealed packs to preserve freshness and protect against drying out. First Choice® Cheese is available in both bulk and various portion packs for your convenience.

First Choice Gouda Cheese

Gouda Cheese

First Choice® Gouda is a mild yellow cheese with a semi-soft texture. It’s both a table cheese and a dessert cheese, excellent with fruit and wine.

The Baby Gouda Cheese range is round and wax coated to lock in the various flavours, they include traditional Gouda; Chives and Onion; Black Pepper and Mild Chilli flavour. This addition to our cheese range is excellent for cheese boards and adding exceptional flavour to a number of prepared dishes.

First Choice cheese wedges imported from Europe

Cheese Wedges

First Choice Cheese Wedges are imported from Europe. It is a white cheese spread conveniently packed in 8 individually foil-wrapped portions per carton. An ideal lunch box treat that little fingers will have no trouble opening. First Choice Cheese Wedges makes for an ideal cheese snack for kids and on the go convenience. These creamy cheese wedges can be eaten on their own, or spread onto biscuits or bread. They contain no added colourants and are a good source of calcium.

First Choice custard vanilla flavour

Vanilla Custard

First Choice custard is a smooth, great tasting treat that’s perfect for any occasion. The creamy texture and delicious vanilla flavour make it a family favourite. It can be served hot or cold, enjoyed on its own, or poured over your favourite pudding. Make your malva pudding magnificent or your jelly pure joy with First Choice vanilla flavoured custard.

Our UHT custard is free from preservatives, MSG and tartrazine, and contains only natural colourants. It is available in a range of convenient packs, so you can pick your ideal way to enjoy this vanilla flavoured delight. You can find First Choice custard in a 1 litre resealable carton, 500 ml tear-top packs, a 250 ml edge pack for an on-the-go snack, and a 200 ml no pack. All variants are sold in an outer carton for bulk buying convenience.

MSG-free chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, strawberry First Choice velvet dessert

Velvet Dairy Dessert

Whip it! Shake it! Mousse it! Freeze it! It’s what you make of it. Whether you are in a chocolate mousse mood or craving ice-cream, Velvet’s Chocolate, Vanilla, Butterscotch or Strawberry flavoured dairy dessert has the answer for you.  This delectable dessert has no tartrazine, no colourants and is MSG-free.  These tasty products come in 1 litre pack and can also be bought in bulk.

First Choice Milki

First Choice MILKI is the full cream, full flavoured milk with no added colourants that keeps up with your busy lifestyle.  It’s the perfect on-the-go drink that makes for a healthier sweet treat.  Because it is full cream, MILKI hits the spot every time, meaning you’ll be satisfied for longer.

MILKI is offered in 250 ml and 200 ml single packs and 6 packs. Our full flavoured 250 ml range comes in chocolate, strawberry, cream soda, toffee, coffee, vanilla, cookies & cream, chocolate malt and choc mint.  Our 200 ml packs are available in chocolate and strawberry flavours.

MILKI has been developed for consumer convenience through the milk being heat treated by means of UHT (Ultra-high temperature) processing, giving it a long shelf life.  Our 250 ml packs have an easy one-step opening screw top, which is re-sealable to save a little flavour for later.  Our 200 ml packs are packaged with an individually wrapped straw glued to the back of the pack.

Get full on flavour.  Get MILKI.  It’s the way flavoured milk was meant to be enjoyed.

Protein milk

Recovery Milk

First Choice High-Protein Recovery drink is a milk based high-protein muscle recovery drink aimed at individuals who need extra protein to assist in muscle rebuilding after physical exercise.  It’s convenient and full of delicious chocolate goodness, containing the necessary nutrients required for your muscles to feel recharged.

See our recipes for all the ways you can incorporate our fantastic products into your cooking. You’ll thank us later!